We are just starting the month of September and I can honestly say this summer went by in a blink!  I haven’t made any posts since June because we moved onto our 100 acre property, in West Texas, where we have been living a real homesteader/pioneer lifestyle. Yes, we have been seriously UNPLUGGED!  There is so much I would like to say about the past couple of months, so many lessons, so many ups & downs.

water catchment may 2015

My kids helped hand dig this berm liner water catchment system. This photo was after the FIRST night they put it down. It was an early and very welcomed big rain.

Not only have we been living the off-grid lifestyle the only water source we have is our rain catchment system.  This has been a learning curve for me and my family.  My husband has tons of experience with so much, but even he is learning a lot on this adventure and journey.

If there is one thing that is for certain it is this, “People take life for granted, they take water for granted and they take having electricity for granted.”

When you unplug you learn real quick about what you are missing!

My son and daughter building a kid tower for the little boys.

My son and daughter building a kid tower for the little boys.

I am a former city girl from the Los Angeles area and my husband was raised in the “good old boy” system in Arkansas.  We are world travelers, we have been to third world countries and we even lived in Greece on the island of Crete for three years.  I used to say that I was a city girl with a country girl heart after I got married.

goat 2016

This was our first week on the property and the quick goat area we made. It is not glamourous and rough around the edges, but it is looking much nicer a couple months later. You have to choose where you are going to put your time and your resources…

I was longing to live a lifestyle where  “I worked to live, rather than lived to work.” This was a statement we heard often in Greece from the locals.  They thought Americans were slaves to their occupations and lived to work.  I totally agree.

Fast forward seventeen years and here we are on this path, the one I dreamed of.   It is so interesting because we had a trial run in our last home of living sustainably.  We had an organic garden and we were constantly trying new methods of growing. We had a bunch of animals at one point including: sheep, chickens, goats, dogs, cats and even two rabbits that turned into 40!  We thought we only bought “two females”, but that is another story for another day…

We arrived at a “point of saturation”where our schedules and our days were full with tending the garden, the animals, homeschooling, and running a bakery all the while my husband worked in his career that required a lot of over-time.  Our duties and responsibilities were growing and so was the amount of stuff, and I mean STUFF, that we were acquiring.   We got to the point were stuff and responsibilities seemed to be choking out quality time with our children and one another.

house 2014 2

2014 I had those columns in the photo since I was 19, over 20 years!

Finally, we decided enough was enough! We sold off our goats that we had for about nine years, we butchered our sheep and started systematically downsizing our STUFF. I got to the point where I realized that I actually really enjoyed things that made life convenient, rather than cumbersome. However, it was also a place where I could hear my husband’s response ringing in my ears from the years before, when I told him I would like to homestead. He said, “It all sounds real great, but it is harder than you think. Don’t romanticize it. It’s hard work.”   Do you think I heard him?  Well obviously I did because here I was recalling his words earlier in our marriage. At that time I was still trying to be very optimistic about it all.  Consequently,  the reality sunk in that we were not even homesteading or living off-grid.  Instead, we had a very comfortable eclectic designed home in the country with running water and power.   Yet, it got to the point of just being too much!

house 2014

A peek into our former kitchen. My husband made this pantry door to my specs.

So, why and the heck would we choose to sell our home and go from almost 3,000 sq ft of living space to living in an RV and living off-grid, even if for a season?

Yes, we have animals again and yes it is way harder this time. If you would like to know the answer stay tuned to this on-going series which is our life.

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Our Land Beth El Shaddai

Our Land Beth El Shaddai

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