Yesterday early in the morning I read the following quote on one of my news feeds. It said this…

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” -Antoine de Saint Exupery



This innocent phrase struck me to the core. Immediately it got my brain turning early in the morning. I milled it over and pondered it. I was so moved by it I asked my husband to read it.

After he read it, I asked him what is the most important thing in this statement?

His response:
The Captain
My response:
No, not the Captain that represents self.

His response:
The Vision

My Response:
The vision is important, but it is not the most important thing.
At this point he looked perplexed. So as he was studying it again. I just stopped him to share my view and this is it…

The Captain represents self, which is in an inward focus.

The Vision is a forward focus, but it has no power in itself.

The Crew or theTEAM” IS THE MOST IMPORTANT element in this phrase.
Without a crew a ship can not be built, so it will sail NO where.
The ship is the vessel to get the crew to the destination. If we concentrate on only the ship our focus will be amiss. However, if we focus on the crew and morale they will want to stay even when the work gets hard and the sea rough.
I told him, “I noticed the kids have been lagging the past couple of weeks. There morale hasn’t been usual. Everything has been hard for them and they are complaining a lot more than usual. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it, but after I read this I realized what it was, it was clear. You see each morning at breakfast you keep telling them about the land (We own 100 acres with no found water and the house will not have electricity for a long time). You keep telling them it is going to be hard and the conditions will be harsh. You keep telling them you have lived it before and it is not easy. It is evident that they are taking to heart what you are saying. The work even now is feeling burdensome to them.”

He listened intently. I explained that the kids need to hear more about the vision and the dream.


Our 100 acres.

They need to be told:
It doesn’t matter if the work is hard, because the sweat will be worth it in the end.
They need to be reminded that they will be working on our family’s dream to be able to live on a generational land that will one day be theirs and their children’s children, so that when they are hot and sweating they will not be grumbling thinking, “Daddy said this would be hard and he’s right this stinks.”


Instead, when it gets difficult I want them to think in their minds, “This may be hard today, but it is so worth it! In the grand scheme of things this day will be gone, but the dream will come to pass if we just keep at it.


After I finished explaining my thoughts, he thought about it and it only took a second for him to realize that he needed to stand to the noble call as Captain of this vessel and He asked the Father to be His compass and navigation system. He prayed he would not get off track for the sake of keeping the crew on the journey that is before us, set by the Father.

Have you have been a task master? Have you concentrated on being the Captain? You know, “I am the boss,” kind of mentality. I know I sure have and I can certainly go through those seasons. This insight was not just for my husband, but me too. We can all have the wrong focus, but we when we concentrate on gaining the heart of the people/children, we gain the heart of a team and crew. We then become POWERFUL to do mighty things when we are united in purpose and will.

Press on! Stay the course! And uplift yourself and uplift your crew! -EmmaSara

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