We have been in Tehoma county on the first leg of our RV life transition. We are relocating from Oregon to Texas because we are looking for heat among other things.   This city has been a great primer.  Not only is it hot like Texas it also has a Texas feel with western themed buildings and Round Up signs at every corner.   Many of the business have Western themed names. What is the verdict with days that have reached up to 113?  We LOVE the heat, however that is granted our RV air conditioner is working. On the 113 days the RV was about 100 degrees all day and our food was starting to get ruined, spoiled, or melted.  We are staying at a great location right now that is walking distance to downtown, so we are taking advantage of that and walking a lot to do things.  One of our new FAVORITE places is the Wednesday Night Farmer’s Market.

Crossing the Sacramento River to get there.


There are great little boutiques downtown and there is a store there called Enjoy that has a great Country feel with artisan gifts and quality shoes.

Once we finally got to the Market I was so thrilled to see the selection and the turn out.

I always ask the Farmer’s if they spray or not. They are normally open to that question. I try and stay away from sprayed produce or produce raised with synthetic fertilizers.


Nothing beats free range eggs. Just crack one open next to a conventional variety and you will see a runny yellow yolk like my son’s hat here or next to that an orange yolk signifying free range chickens that have plenty of nutrients. Organic Eggs

I so wanted to bring flowers home, but I held back, however we did bring home some purple beauties.


We sat and had fresh fruit and waited for the massage chair station to become open for my turn. I had a 20 minute chair massage! It was great.


While walking home a mile I was thinking about our Farmer’s Market back in Brookings and about how we are normally so blessed with free produce or discounted items. We are so grateful for those times.  When we got home to our RV I found a bag of  the biggest juiciest blackberries I have EVER eaten and in Oregon we get them seasonally everywhere. On the berries was a note from an RV neighbor who also went to the market and was thinking of our family . What she didn’t know was that my children wanted some berries, but I thought they might be too messy to eat there and I wasn’t sure if they would make the mile walk home over bumpy roads etc. So we were so tickled to see these berries hanging from our door! The generosity our family receives never ceases to amaze me. We know the Lord is always looking out for us.0716141943

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  1. Tracy Gage July 17, 2014 at 6:29 am - Reply

    Love seeing photos of you guys 🙂 What blessing of blackberries 🙂 I love when He works in His ways like that 🙂

  2. JewelJewel September 9, 2014 at 7:33 am - Reply

    What a Blessing!

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