“I feel for you I have teens too…”,  “You know how teens are.” These are types of statements I have heard continually my whole life. As a matter of fact I was one of those teens so many parents complain about.

1st runner up for Miss Teen Los Angeles at 17 I   am the 4th one over in a magenta dress.

1st runner up for Miss Teen Los Angeles at 17 I am the 4th one over in a magenta dress.

I can still hear the words of my mom ringing in my ear, “Just wait one day you will have teens and…” You get the picture.

Me and my girls

Me and my girls


My guys

Fast forward 27 years and I am now 41 and the Mother of seven kids of which two are teens and one is a tween at 12 years old. I knew I wanted my kids to break society’s mold and thus far they have.  Before you read on let me tell you my kids are far from perfection, because well… It does not exist.  They make mistakes, have bad days, and whine on some days just like anyone else. With that said, my first daughter is my jewel. That is actually the meaning of her name.  She just turned 16 years old and she exemplifies feminity she is beautiful because who she is on the inside.

IMG_20150626_162950795She is an encourager who continually writes us all notes to tell us how much she appreciates us.


She is a prayer warrior. As matter of fact if you get on her literal prayer list she will pray for you daily or she feels guilty. I never asked her to do that by the way.

She doesn’t know who is in and who is out and she really isn’t interested. She is concerned, however, for teens who feel lost and alone. She is down to earth, a producer, photographer, and a lover of homesteading.


She is a producer

She is a daddy’s girl and OH yes a momma’s girl too.

Sweet 16

Sweet 16

On her 16th birthday this week I was reminded that I used to call her baby Jewel and so I have been calling her that again.  IMG_20150810_194819

Her grandparents cherish the young lady she has become and my mom is glad her statement never came true.


My other kids are so close to her too. She enjoys her siblings and loves to guide them.

Daddy helping make her party special

Daddy helping make her party special

This post is to honor her and to tell her Baby B you broke Momma’s mold and I am so glad you have!

My Jewel

My Jewel

She would be the first to say the glory goes to Yahweh.

The not so secret ingredient to her virtue is Christ living in her heart and turning away from “wordly things”. Also very important to note is that her daddy safely holds her heart in his hands. Parents I can not stress enough that if you would like the teen years to be enjoyable your children must have a strong and loving relationship with their father.  A family that is immersed in love and forgiveness will take your family a long way. To often parents and children are distant from one another or maybe parents are giving their kids everything except quantity AND quality time. Yes, they need both.

I made her cake with love

I made her cake with love

Happy Birthday my Jewel may your life be long and full of Yahweh’s glory.

If you would like to learn more about our strategy for raising teens who will be contributors to the world, rather than takers just drop us a line.


Remember I am not stating I have a recipe for success every child will one day leave our home and we pray they continue to live lives of nobility and good conduct.

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