‘A recent study  looked at 155 healthy people who were using  antacids for heartburn over a long period of time. They found that 47% had erosion of the esophagus, 6% had a more serious problem called Barrett’s esophagus.“  E. Lipski

I have been coaching people since 2007 and one of the greatest complaints I hear tend to lean towards digestion issues.           Sadly, most people think that digestion issues are their lot in life and so they consume pills or meds to deal with the issue.


It has often been said that PREVENTION is the BEST medicine. I strongly believe in keeping the body in balance and healthy, rather than dealing with a problem.

For those of you with a prevention mindset.  I suggest KEEPING  your digestion system HEALTHY through diet and lifestyle choices which include the use of these Essential Oils:

Keep your body ABOVE THE WELLNESS line. Be kind to it. Take Care of it. -EmmaSara

If you arrived on this page because you are dealing with stomach discomfort or worse there is hope. Digestion issues don’t just have to be “manageable” they are easy to conquer with proper lifestyle habits.

Alternative Prevention and Healing Options:

  • Dietary Changes- Limit Fried foods, Tomatoes, Chocolate and Caffeine
  • Lose weight- Extra weight can cause a shift in your bowel area that can trigger GERD.
  • Avoid food that you are intolerant to.
  • Drink Plenty of Water- Dehydration can lead to constipation which can be a culprit
  • Try healing herbs like- Marshmallow root or turmeric.
  • Try Hydrochloric Acid- HC1
  • Use supplements- L-Glutamine is very healing for the gut, increase magnesium intake.

While many people with heartburn think their issue is rooted in a deficient amount of stomach acid, you could possibly have a deficiency Hydrochloric Acid/HC1. Taking antacids could cause more issues.   If you take HC1 after a protein meal and you feel nothing initially or better you could be deficient in Hydrochloric Acid. If you feel extra heartburn or stomach discomfort your levels are probably fine.


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