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We are staying in an RV park on the outskirts of the city. It is taxing on our limited income (husband is retired) to pay the high weekly prices when we already paid for our site rent at home for the month and we have to go grocery shopping just about every day.  At home we have a trailer that is our walk-in pantry and houses our freezer and full size refrigerator.
However, I know that God’s timing is perfect and today proved that. My little guy is not here yet so we are in a new town that is our temporary home near the birth center. Every city we go to I learn to navigate the area and how to get settled in. Along the way we have divine appointments…

My kids met a family on the playground this week and struck up a conversation with a dad. His wife is very ill with liver disease. My kids offered to pray for her healing. He was very moved to emotion. Today on the playground he brought his wife to the playground so they could pray for her. They took up the offer fervently and believed on her behalf for healing and the family was in tears.
The last time I came up here to this city I brought my girls and we stayed in a hotel to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and do baby shopping.
While we were in the hotel my daughter handed one of the counter attendants a short gospel tract. The lady looked at it and her face lit up. She got choked up.

Teaching your children to pray is one of the best tools and gifts you can share with them.


She explained to my 15 year old that her father just passed away unexpectedly the previous weekend. She said, he was a minister his whole life. My daughter’s gift was such a blessing to her, almost as if her dad’s essence was present in the gift.
It was snowy and icy that day and as I pulled up my truck to pick up the girls from the front of the hotel with iced up windows the attendant very dutifully went and found a spatula from the hotel kitchen and began to scrape all our truck windows for us. She said, it was a trick she learned from her mom! It was such a blessing for us as I could barely see out the windows and they were not defrosting quickly enough. Of course, we went right out and purchased a spatula to keep in our truck for future use. Every time I see that spatula in the truck I am reminded of her and the story that day…..
Our family lives our life as pilgrims and pioneers. We do own a property that is currently inhabitable. So, we still are very mobile living an RV.


All the kids gathered around momma on the bed for Bible time and prayer.

Our approximate 235 sq ft RV is getting pretty small as our family is growing and we are acquiring more needed items to run our large family. However, the more squished we get the more we learn to live even closer to one another. We are learning about the character virtue of brotherly love, respect and how to love unconditionally.


My doula doing what she does best… She is a servant heart. Yup, those are my little monkeys too in the background.

We are learning to squeeze close and to lean on one another. We are learning to love and enjoy life, and one another, under stressful circumstances. All of life is a classroom.

temporary 10

Daddy is so protective of his children. He is too protective to send his children away to be taught by someone else. No one will protect a child like a good parent will. Just today he set parameters with a playground bully. He let the boy know what kind of behavior he was going to have to play with his children. He was met with a hearty, “YES SIR!” His boys learned a great lesson today. They learned an important lesson for the future how to be fathers that will stand up for their children and protect them.


My kids are being home educated with real life situations. They are actively learning to be socialized with REAL people of ALL ages in real situations, rather than through artificial means. The results are beautiful and life changing.


The lives we hope to impact the most are those of our precious children. When we see the smiles on their faces and they joy in their hearts we know we are on the right track.

temporary 1

If you have not figured out my kids are my best friends. My girls do not mind that pregnant momma has been craving dairy free ice-cream. They don’t mind at all….


Our life is not typical. The way we homeschool is not typical. The way we instruct our children is not typical. We are not a family that tries to fit into society or who tries to be something that we are not. We are a family that holds relationships on the forefront. Everything we do is focused on cultivating togetherness and love. We spend hours talking with our children every single day. Hugging and talking.



At the Birthing Center 38 Weeks


I am not sure who said, having teens is a challenge. My teens and pre-teen are servant hearted, delights of my life.


What is the focus of your home? What are some of your favorite moments with your children?

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