Salvia Nemorosa

Salvia Nemorosa

I am city girl who has been gardening since 2002 and I have to say I have a lot to learn still.  Early in the summer I ordered some sage plants from Azure Standard.  I was trying to build my herb garden up.  The plants were slow to show, but once the blooms came in they were beautiful.  I also bought a Salvia for ornamental purposes from the store knowing it was ornamental only.  It clearly said Salvia on the label and I did not see the name sage anywhere.  The sage plant is part of the Salvia family.


I was under the impression that if a plant was titled sage it was an herb.  My kids have been munching on some of the sage leaves the past week when I decided I would mark the plants since the blooms came up and I could clearly identify them. After searching my invoice I wrote down the names and I decided to Google some info on each of them.

Victoria Sage

I was totally shocked to find that the varieties I had were all inedible! BIG OOPS!


Gratefully none of my children became ill from the munching sessions.


The varieties I had were:

Victoria Sage

Coral Nymph


Salvia Nemorosa

Apparently the variety I needed should be labeled Culinary Sage.  According to Eat The Weeds Texas Sage is not edible, but its look alike Pineapple Sage is edible. I still plan to do some more investigating and I find out more info I will post more later. If you have any info on Sage please comment!

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