What we thought might take two weeks has ended up taking two months to complete. We still have to cover our cushions in the kitchen and other than a few more things we will be completed with the RV renovation.   In the mean time we have been staying at family’s house.  During our stay here one of them got a surprise transfer and they are now relocating too at the end of the month.

We plan an annual family conference we attend of every year and we will be leaving for it tomorrow, so that means we have to be completely moved into our RV because this house will not be available when we return.  This means it is crunch time. I can not overstate how much thought, time and effort has gone into this remodel project. Everything has to be so thought out as we are so limited on space. Every square inch of our 235 sq ft space has to be optimized to its best ability, which by the way, is not a hard job for me because I LOVE to organize and I LOVE TO DESIGN.  So, this project has been perfect for us.  We will be posting pictures once we are out of crunch time and on the road. I have documented the entire process on film and on camera, so stay tuned!


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