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PHOTOS to LEFT: Our RV Photos to RIGHT: Ikea show room

 I am a professional baker  and I love to cook. So, my mini RV kitchen had to be up to my specs when we remodeled it.

  I utilize the saying in my home, “Everything has a place and everything in its place…”

In my opinion IKEA is the place to go to if you need to organize your RV.  I found the wall system in the photos above there.   Right when I saw  the show case I knew this was something I could utilize. I use the little flower pot to temporarily hold items to get them off my small counter.  I use the hooks to hang ladles, spatulas etc. I really love the way it looks and it is very sturdy too.


Ikea Ad- Paper Towel Holders

I contemplated getting the paper towel holder for the rack, but I realized it would not leave enough space for my appliances that I store on my counter top. For a couple of weeks I was trying to decided were my paper towel holder would go, but I think it was my son’s idea to hang it in front of our oven door, which we use for storage only since we have a new oven pictured in the photo.

You can see a photo of the paper towel holder hanging in front of the oven. We just hook it on with a carabineer. It is easy to access and takes up no counter space.  If you look on the counter top I have a metal utensil holder to the right that is flat. It basically is another drawer, but it does not take up space because I can put my mixer right  on top of it.  When we are traveling we do remove it.  However, the spatula holder stays since it is velcroed to the counter.
I am going to post more photos of our remodel soon. So do not forget to bookmark this page.

What are some of your favorite space saving tips?


RV Remodel BEFORE. Please excuse the mess this was taken at the start of the remodel when we were emptying out the cabinets.

If you compare photos you will notice that we actually swapped out the upper cabinets to have the new Convection/Microwave/Hood Combo above the range.  By doing this we were able to take out the ugly white hood in the photo. Now the upper oven also has a range vent.

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