2/23/2018 Presenting the McMillion Family. Today marks a NEW day for our family. My husband reclaimed a generational name that was lost like a hidden treasure. We found out that one of his great/great grandparents was illiterate and there was a mix up on the spelling of the family name by the census that was never corrected. So, after much prayer and investigation my husband felt like the name was very meaningful and should be reclaimed for future generations.  We feel the name is indicative of what Yahweh is going to do for our generational legacy. Clinton, my husband has always said he has a 200-year plan to rise up a heritage that knows and serves Yahweh. He felt the Lord was leading him down this path to restore the old waste places.

In 2008 the Father shared Isaiah 58 with me. I knew it was the Spirit of the Lord. I said, nothing. Days later Clinton called in sick for work. I was shocked because he never called in sick. I asked him what was wrong. He said, “Yes, I am sick, sick and tired of not hearing from the Lord like you always do.” He explained to me he was taking his Bible and his journal and going out to the woods and he wasn’t coming back until he heard from the Lord.


Hours later he popped out from the woods (we lived on a property that bordered the national forest. He came in and shared his journal. I was so excited to see the Father showed him the same scripture that had impacted me so greatly with days before. He said Isaiah 58 is our family’s verse to live by. I told him about hearing that too. #confirmation how sweet it is! The Lord spoke to both of us!

We are now the McMillions, and it will be said for Generations that we followed the decree set forth by Yahweh that we would be called REPAIRERS of the breach and restorers the old waste places…. Isaiah 58 was given to us in 2008, and now it has come to pass. In short… If you delight in my Shabbat, not seeking thy own pleasures, nor doing your own way and take care of the needs of the poor, THEN your health will spring forth!

I was sick, sick for over 11 years and Clinton was retired in his late 30’s and told he would never work again! My husband has been completely healed and is no longer on retirement, and my WHOLE household was healed of so many things including severe food intolerances for all. Plus, we are completely debt-free and free from the curse of debt!

It ALL came to pass! For it is written, “Then you will find your joy in the Lord, and I will cause you to ride in triumph on the heights of the land and to feast on the inheritance of your father, Jacob.” The mouth of the Yahweh has spoken.
Isaiah 58:14

Our total fee waived was over $2200 approximately. The Lord granted us favor and the Judge offered to have us take a photo when NO cameras are allowed in the courtroom.

My legal name is now EmmaSara McMillion!
No more middle name and my full first name is EmmaSara.

In Hebrew my name means Universal Mother Princess. Aka Mother of Many

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