When to harvest Potatoes

Kids Harvesting Organic Potatoes

What does providence have to do with potatoes? You may ask.  Well, we have been home gardening for many years.  However, we have never tried to grow potatoes.   This season we were talking about growing potatoes. However, like anything delving into the unknown can sometimes cause people to stall in a plan.  Anyhow, in the meantime we have been buying our organic potatoes locally when they are available or we order them from an organic grocery supplier.  A couple of months ago we ordered 50lbs of organic potatoes.  When I opened the box I was shocked to see that almost everyone of them was sprouted and some them majorly.  I phoned the distributor and told them of the dilemma and they agreed to refund us our money and told us to just keep them.  I asked the customer service rep if we could plant them and she said, “I don’t see why  not.”  So, I told her we would pay for half of the order and try and plant them.

There you have it, we were now going to be potato growers starting with 50lbs of seed!  We immediately started doing on-line searches on how to handle them.  The timing was also providential because we just started a Back to Eden Garden; which has to do with permaculture & wood chip gardening.   We had a couple of garden beds that we just dumped wood chips on to, so we decided to just lay the potatoes just below the wood chips.  I can’t say exactly how long they have been in the ground, but I know it has been at least 2 months or maybe 2 1/2 months, but not more than three.  All I know is that potato picking time has arrived!

I can tell you this for sure, “You haven’t tasted a potato until you have tasted one straight from the ground.”

Immediately we noticed they were very juicy looking and very crisp, not starchy looking at all.  When we scrubbed them clean the skin scrubbed right off, so we had to be gentle with them.  Daddy trained the kids on how to do the harvesting and they went to work!


Ah yes, the question of the day…. What about providence?  Well hopefully, you discovered it in the post above.  We were desiring to grow potatoes, but we were dragging our feet because we weren’t real sure how to grow them successfully.  Our potato prayer was answered right on our door step with spud “seeds” that were given to us at a great price.   We had no choice but to learn how to take care of these spuds A.S.A.P.  Boy, are we glad we did!


Crisp, wet, not too starchy potato

 For those of you who can not tolerate potatoes:

I am on a modified SCD/GAPS meal plan with major candida issues

and these potatoes seem to be just fine for me.

I get no symptoms from them the way I normally would from store bought potatoes! Yippee!


Notice the leaf condition- Potatoes are now READY

Put your hand down below the chips. Follow the stem down until you feel the potatoes.


Once you find the potatoes they are very easy to pick off the main root. We left the plant’s main root in tact.





These beauties greet us every time we go to water our potatoes 🙂



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