Food Freedom ? Here is a glimpse into the possible future of Food freedom.

Monsanto Protection Act? Criminalize Non Registered Seeds


After banning raw milk, criminalizing farm to table sales, regulating meat production to only USDA approved plants, governmental control to suppress food freedom are at your backdoor.

The key to local economic sustainability  is in agriculture.

For instance Curry County residents spend at least $44 million dollars last year in food. That is a lot of money! This can drive the government to legislate laws to control this economy.  Now think of a global food economy worth trillions!! Big Money… can drive evil deeds! Think about how the greed of money controls the current food system. What better way to control the food system than by controlling the seeds.

Don’t think the control of seeds or food freedom can’t happen in American because it is and has been going on for some time.  The signing of the “Monsanto Protection Act” is a major step towards this and is a clear tearing away of Americas liberties, especially for FOOD FREEDOM.


J. McMillan

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