Today is January 12, 2016 and today marks the end of the beginning for our plan of our 100 acre property.   It seems ironic that this really is the beginning of a new year and it has started off with such a hard pill to swallow, yet swallow we must because it is our new reality at least for this season.

12 24 2015

I have to admit even though I am completely health conscious I really have a hard time taking supplements because I find pills tough to swallow. However, the benefit far outweighs the momentary uncomfortable feeling I endure to get the much needed nutrition I need. I find this situation no different.  I am a

.ble to look at this tough situation and outcome and acknowledge that it has happened to test our faith and strengthen it at the same time, as the saying goes… “whatever doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger.”

So what is this great disappointment about?

For those of you who are new to our site I will do a bit of a recap for you.  We are a family of nine. We have seven kids from the ages of 9 months to 16 years of age.  Once upon a time we lived in Oregon on an acre that back up against the national forest which gave us a “never ending” back yard and a bubbling creek bordered our property.


We had a comfortable home with an adjacent apartment and huge shop for my husband.


My husband built me this kitchen in our last home. We spent $40,000 on it $7,000 less than what we put into the hole…

My husband had a job that brought home an excellent salary and working over time put us into a category of high paid personnel. However, an injury at work and a car accident just a year later catapulted us into a deep time of reflection.  We remembered the direction my husband received in prayer seven years ago. He felt he was told to get out of debt and it was time for a call to action. In brief, my Facebook post today will summarize the circumstances for you.

RV living

“URGENT prayer request: Many of you know our family of 9 has been living full time in our RV since June 2014. We edited our life and sold most of our possessions and we had a LOT. We were obedient and got completely out of debt and we have been living the simple life ever since. We bought 100 acres last year and used all of our money on the property which is our hope for the future.


We were working on putting up our first building on the property which would be a property shop. That has all come to a halt.

We received some money that was due to us in November, so we used that towards drilling a well. We are 1,200 ft into the drill and still no useable water. We used our house building budget approximately $42,000.  We have now decided today to use our furniture fund (some of the money we made selling our household goods) to go 100 ft deeper $3500. What good is furniture money if you don’t have a house to put it in and what good is land if you don’t have water. So, we are sacrificing all we have for this dig today. Please pray ‪#‎Share Thanks the final dig starts at 9:30 am Central time”


Driller checking for water. The pool of water is from his drilling rig.


The drilling began the last week of December, just a month after we received our provision in a lump sum. We were waiting for two years for this possible provision and finally we had it in hand. We purchased our property a year before and we have been doing what we can to begin our dream of building a home on our property to raise our children on. We purposely purchased a 100 acres so that we would be able to give land to our children as a heritage. Every step of the way we have paved the process in prayer.

12540925_871386839641385_8876722085534870037_nThis past year we have seen the hand of a very REAL GOD in our lives. We have experienced more than provision, we have experienced abundance, not by our might but by God’s grace.  This is what we had to keep in perspective when we got the final news today after weeks of waiting for water to bubble up, and then there was none.


She was excited because the soil was appearing to be hopeful for water.

Actually we did hit a gallon and a half a minute at a certain point, but today our driller told us that it is now less than that said amount, which makes it of no use to try and pump it out.


My husband was concerned for his sons’ faith.

Last week we hit our mark of 1,000 ft with no water and that was our first big realization that we may not hit water, since that was as far as we said we would go. This was a somber and tough moment for us all, but especially for my husband.  He not only had most of our money riding on this, but he had relationships on the line with this. At some point we both agreed this was no longer about water, but about faith.


The battle is not about flesh and blood, but about principalities in the air.  Would we allow the deceiver to get in and steal or diminish our faith?  I am not saying we would stop believing in our God. I am saying that we were concerned about our children’s faith, about our extended family’s faith.  We know that God is merciful and just.  However, there are people on the fence ready at any moment to accuse God of being unjust.  We so wanted to share about the water that came forth for us today, but there is no water to speak of for the day.   So, what is the story now? Where do we go from here?


My kids are so adaptable they made seats out of the bushes.



“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


Perspective is everything

Tribulation is not optional for the people of Yahweh, we will experience it.  Because we experience hardships we are able to comfort others in similar circumstances. By it our faith is tested and strengthened if we choose to stand on truth, instead of lies from the enemy.  I think of Job and how in a moment this wealthy man not only lost all of his worldly possessions, but all of his sons and daughters and as if that was not enough, he lost his health for a season and was covered with misery from his head to his feet and even his friends were of no consolation to him, even his wife told him to curse God and die. Yet with all of this Job did not sin.


My extended family was understandably disappointed for our sake.  However, I had to share my peace about the situation. I reminded them about the last year and having not one, but two sons in the Children’s Hospital this year with near death experiences.


Just 30 days later I would have another son in a desperate situation with bills totally over $100,000


My already thin son went 11 days without eating and was very ill.

Those sons are well and thriving now, praise Yeshua.  This year has been a time of testing and this well drilling situation is no different. I have friends and family who have lost sons and daughters, and even spouses the last couple of years or more.  What a time of pain they have gone through. This is just a lack of water and not the end of life.




To further help the situation the Father has been so kind to speak to me in His still quiet voice this last year before actions happened in our family. This time was no different. 


Approximately nine months ago I heard very clearly in my prayer time that the Father was hardening our family for a coming HARD WINTER.  I was so certain this was a real word, I actually responded with a question.  The question was, “Father is this going to be like a Hawaii winter or an Alaskan winter?”  I heard very clearly it would be like an Alaskan winter.  I shared this information with my husband and we prayed about it. For the following months I would feel the impression that we were being prepared for this hard time.  In September, in my prayer time, I got the impression that we were entering a season of preparation.


I told my husband and later that day I went on-line and there was a notice on my feed stating that September was National Preparation month! I was not previously aware of this. I felt as if it were further confirmation.

During this time we stored up food and did indeed do some disaster relief preparation. We even taught an emergency preparedness class in September, even though I did not feel September would bring anything eventful for our family.  A couple of months later I felt the time of preparing was coming to an end in prayer and my husband felt the same. So, things began to wind down.  In November in prayer I felt the nudge that this hard winter was around the corner. Of course, I was actually questioning if this was going to be a literal winter or a spiritual one. I wasn’t sure so I actually bought extra blankets and robes etc, just in case.  A couple of days into the drill we were now in the first week of January.  It was 3:30 am when I awoke out of a deep sleep. I was suddenly WIDE AWAKE. Immediately, I said, “Yahweh do you want to speak to me?” The next words I heard were as clear as day, “NOW THE HARD WINTER BEGINS.” 

This leads me back to the words…”I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

I told my husband I felt something in prayer, but that I would wait for a confirmation before telling him. I only told my daughter.

We went to that days dig with a dollar figure of what we could afford for the final drill. Our mark was 1,000 feet to stop at. Just before we got to 1,000 ft it actually was looking quite exciting and we were seeing signs of water and moisture when all of the sudden things turned around and looked grim.  Finally, at 1000 ft it was basically dry again and the words, “Now it begins…” came shuffling through my mind.  We all separated and I know we were all having our own private conversations with Yahweh. It was a solemn time of the reality we were possibly facing, no water.


However, I was encouraged at the same time of all the headway the Father gave us about this very time. He had been gearing us up the past year. This January was a record low for our budget since my husband’s retirement.  However, since we stocked up on so much in the better months we have our basic needs in stock. He was preparing us for this time of testing, which meant this is all providence and it is all in His hands.

Before we ever came to Texas we felt that Yahweh was telling us that He was leading us to a place like Meribah, dry and desolate, where water would have to come from a rock.


It was so clear to me at the very moment I spoke to my husband and I saw the disappointment and frustration in his person that we were being tested like the children of Israel in Meribah. It was a place of testing and a place the Israelites murmured against Yahweh. They complained to Moses about their situation and doubted Yahweh. Moses got angry and he struck the rock and rebelled Number 20:24.

Would we be the same or would we learn from scripture? Would we learn from their mistakes? I was just as disappointed as my husband. Why wouldn’t I be? We just wagered all that we have and POOF the money is gone, and there is nothing but a hole to show for it.  However, I was resolved not to get angry, not to go into despair.   I was resolved to have a Heavenly perspective so that I could pass this test and move on.

After all that is what trials are all about. They are tests and if we don’t pass them we must potentially face them again or worse fail them completely and not ever move forward.

Why share all of this? To try and prove some kind of point like “I hear from God?” No, absolutely not.

This has never been about us.  It is about sharing with our readers that we serve a personable God and not one made out of stone or who is mute.  No, our God communicates with His people.  He says, “He who has an ear let him hear.”

It is our family’s passion to share our story and  to let  you be a “fly on the wall” as we venture through this life of faith believing upon a real and living God.

Nothing good or bad in our life happens by chance, everything is providence and to this we yield. I didn’t say we understand it all, we just yield to it knowing one day we will have all the answers we are seeking.

So where are we as of today?

I started my post with this statement:

“Today is January 12, 2016 and today marks the end of the beginning for our plan of our 100 acre property.”

All this really means is that we thought we had some plans for the next few months and this year for the property, but we have laid them ALL down. We will not continue without water, my husband said. He said water is a must before we begin to build again. This is not too big a deal considering our finances are dried up, at least for this season.

We are resting in the knowledge that if the good Father wants us to live on that property He will provide water for it, even if it has to come from a rock. This means it may come by an unconventional way, also known as a miracle. However it comes, we just want it to if it is the Father’s will. And we know this that if He has called to this land, HE WILL PROVIDE for this land. Amen

Have you had hardships in your life only to look back and see the providential hand of God in the situation? We would love to hear your story.

Update this morning 11-13-2016 My husband has been praying and we may be able to use our hole for another purpose. Please pray for continual guidance.

I will end with this a favorite quote I tell my children often, when things don’t go as planned.

“When we are down to NOTHING, Yahweh is UP to SOMETHING.”

I love when He teaches me to FLY! Extraordinary!

I love when He teaches me to FLY! Extraordinary!

I was just looking over my posts and found this post from almost exactly two years ago to the date. It was the beginning of our journey before we even sold our home.


Feel free to share our post and share some encouragement. Thanks.

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  1. Tracy Gage January 13, 2016 at 6:54 am - Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I am excited to see what the Lord has in mind with all of this as time moves on.

  2. Vanessa January 13, 2016 at 7:00 am - Reply

    Thank you for sharing! I can’t even put into words to describe the impact reading this just had on me. Blessings❤️

  3. Sue Darger January 13, 2016 at 7:24 am - Reply

    This experience of trusting and obedience that your family is living has me literally on the edge of my seat. I can hardly wait to see what God has in store in your situation! Because we live by faith in this family of believers, I can be encouraged by this season as well. God is so faithful and He will provide. He knows the desires of your heart and has the best plan for your family. Many will be touched and grow in their faith because of what God is doing in your situation. Be blessed!

    • foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 8:29 pm - Reply

      Sue, we could totally keep all our life to our-self. We could remain silent or worse, we could pretend that everything is always perfect. However, I am compelled, we are compelled, to share our story to hopefully glorify Yahweh and to encourage others. Thanks for letting us know you are interested in our journey.

  4. Ashly January 13, 2016 at 7:29 am - Reply

    Thank u for sharing your story as I have been praying and wondering what the results were. What encouragement! We all face trials and tribulations He said we would but look at how you and your husband are teaching those kids 🙂 that is more than a blessing you know. You may have no water now but I can’t help but feel like there will be water. I can’t to see what God has in store for your family! Sending many blessings N love your way!

    • foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 8:32 pm - Reply

      Ashly, I know the situation could look grim to some. However, I am still very hopeful. No really! I am extremely hopeful for water, how ever it comes. Thanks for sharing

  5. Sandra Murray-Isaacs January 13, 2016 at 7:31 am - Reply

    Continuing with my McMillian Family on this Journey. Prayers always, loving you all. Looking forward to one day visiting you all their in Alpine. Totally enjoyed reading the blog and it is a source of encouragement for what’s going on in my life.

    • foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 8:47 pm - Reply

      You can visit us here ANYTIME. Prayers for your new year that it would be filled with peace, deep sleep and new adventures.

  6. Janna January 13, 2016 at 8:28 am - Reply

    McMillian Family, we have never met, I wish we had. I know we’d be good friends. I lived in Alpine for almost 4 years. I know many of the same people that you do. I’ve been following your story and praying Ali g side of you. Your faith has strengthened my own. God always has a “time” in which we do not comprehend. I continue to believe and pray with you for your continued faith in waiting on Him and continuing on in faith and trust that He is “All Knowing.” God bless you!

    • foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 8:50 pm - Reply

      Janna what an encouragement to hear that our story increased your faith. Some people could read this and say, Faith? But they didn’t get what they were praying for. (Scratch head) However, the faith is that EVEN THOUGH we did not get exactly what we prayed for, we still have faith that the story will work out and that water will be abundant on our property we feel that we were lead to supernaturally. This is faith in action. Cheers! EmmaSara

  7. Tonya January 13, 2016 at 8:33 am - Reply

    This an amazing story of trust!! Wow. God does indeed guide our steps!

    I feel like the verse about “springs in the desert” will take on a much deeper meaning for your family this year!!!

    “Isaiah 41:18”
    I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.

    • foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 9:03 pm - Reply

      Tonya, you said, “I feel like the verse about “springs in the desert” will take on a much deeper meaning for your family this year!!!”

      I say, “YES, YES and YES.” I feel the same before we ever even came to Texas in our prayer time we heard that we were being sent to a dry land, a desert land, a baron land and place like Meribah. Sounds lovely, right? I was really hoping it would be Austin originally or somewhere with lush greenery. But, no. Yahweh had a different plan and He shared it with us before we came. We also had the same confirmation over and over it would be a place He brings water from a rock. Now I will tell you with the circumstances that just occurred when we do get substantial water to sustain life, it will seem like WATER COMING FROM A ROCK. 🙂

  8. Cassie January 13, 2016 at 10:13 am - Reply

    You have your family and are you are healthy. Everything else outside of that is an “extra”. I love reading the stories of your family and your faith and I pray for you in the good times and the times of struggle.

    I was praying for water from the ground, if that is how it is supposed to be. Perhaps water from the sky is another option? Have you looked into rainwater catchment systems? Many people around here have them, especially as you go South. I’ve always kept that option my mind if I were to buy property around here someday. My prayers are still with you and I know your family will be fine, because you have each other!

    • foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 8:52 pm - Reply

      Cassie, Wow you pray for us in the good times too? What a thrill it is to hear that. I think we have so many good times BECAUSE people keep praying for us and keep it up! We so appreciate it! Yes, I am thinking the same. I don’t care how the water comes, as long as it comes. I pray you have a year full of blessings. EmmaSara

  9. Jessica January 13, 2016 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    What an inspiring attitude to have about this situation! I will continue to pray for your beautiful family. God will provide.

    • foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 9:06 pm - Reply

      Jessica, attitude can equal fortitude. I am doing my best to always remain a pillar of strength for my children who will bring forth my and Clinton’s future generation. We are seeking to establish deep roots of faith so when turbulent times come they will not be shaken.

  10. Yahannah January 14, 2016 at 8:53 am - Reply

    Cassie speaks wisdom that I wish I had before I drilled. By building a roof first to catch your water, you also provide shade and shelter, then you can enclose that roof and have a home. Just going under the roof we made for our well, there is always a breeze. Even on the hottest days, there is the breeze from Yahvah. Montana and Oregon are so different from this desert and Yahvah I believe is teaching us to adapt and be one with this area. The water here comes from the sky first.

    • foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 8:58 pm - Reply

      “Water here comes from the sky first” is a statement I will not soon forget. I can’t say we are not wishing we would have put all that money into a rain catchment. But we were really trying to act in faith and drilling a well is something we wanted to try first since we have a family of 9 and our water need is going to be great. We went deep because we did not want to live with doubt that we missed something. That doubt has been laid to rest and now we can concentrate on catchment unless Yahweh has other plans, WE ARE OPEN. Blessings to your household.

  11. Chris M. January 14, 2016 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    Hang in there, McMillan family!

    There are a lot of people living out here without wells and you all can too if necessary for now. There’s really no limit with what you can do with the right size roof and some storage tanks.

    We’re over here at the new place and were blessed with what appears to be a good well. Can’t afford to equip it right now so we’re hauling water but I can tell you one thing for sure – after 3 years of nothing but rainwater, we’re missing it like crazy! I’m even thinking about working a deal with the folks who bought our old place so that we can at least buy or barter with them for some of their water to use as drinking water because no one here likes the taste of the well water that we’re hauling in.

    That’s a fine piece of property you have over there with great opportunities for so many things… and that highway frontage…wowsers! Imagine all that you can do with that. We were actually trying to buy that property from Don when you all came down and bought it the same week. I think it’s a great place.

    Don’t let this well thing discourage you. You can always use the shared well for now, and put gutters on anything you build. You’ll have plenty of water to start out.

    Tomorrow is a new day…. let us know if we can help out in anyway.

    The Millers

    • foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 8:45 pm - Reply

      Chris, First of all I would like to tell you from the bottom of my heart THANKS for taking the time to write my husband the other night, really. Your message encouraged him so much. It gave him hope and peace that was real. Your message represented a tangible reality. It was something he needed right now. He said, “This is what I am talking about, someone who knows and has experience living nicely with no well water.” I had to laugh because there is a part of our story you do not know. For months our family was kind of like a free agent. We were not tied to any occupation, no town, not a home. We were free roaming and one day Clinton woke up and said, “God said it’s time to go to Texas! Like in six days, we must not make haste.” So we booked it to Texas as if we knew where we going and as if we had some kind of time schedule. As far as we really knew we could have been roaming for years. We followed a lightening storm by night because Clinton felt like it could be something we were supposed to follow because of another prayer time he had. We ended up in Alpine and within days it was our new home. The day we put an offer in our land we were told some “other” people were coming to view it that day who were SERIOUS about buying property. I now think that was YOU all! How funny is that. After I found out that some serious buyers were coming I told Clinton maybe this is why we were supposed to hurry down to start our adventure. Someone else would have bought this property. So first off sorry and then again well… I guess first come first serve. I say that “tongue and cheek”, of course. You have become a great resource for my guys and they appreciate having you in their lives. Thanks again EmmaSara

  12. foodiefam January 14, 2016 at 9:09 pm - Reply

    Tracy and Vanessa I love you gals. Thanks for your continued prayer support. I am enjoying watching your families blossom and venture too!

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