temp   For so many years I dealt with chronic sinus problems. Initially my problems were linked to food consumption, specifically dairy products.  After removing dairy from my diet I thought my sinus issues were a thing of the past until some time later I started getting them all the time. I was already dealing with a myriad of food issues. I was definitely gluten intolerant and I had blood test done to show I had much more than dairy and gluten problems.  I took out the offending foods from my diet, but I kept getting infections every time I ate things like fruit.  No specific fruit, just any kind of fruit. My allergist was baffled because it was every fruit and then it seemed like everything except meat and vegetables were giving me sinus infections.  At some points I dipped under 100 pounds!

For years I lived on an extremely limited diet. During my research I found a clinical periodical report written for physician’s use. I was interested to see that neti pot usage was actually more effective in preventing and treating chronic sinus infection sufferers than dyflucan, which is a strong antifungal.  I was using dyflucan for about two years and I was already concerned about causing a resistance. Also, I was already using the neti pot for at least a year, but I was using it sporadically at best.  The article was clear that the benefit came from daily usage.

tempAll of the sudden I remembered what someone told me a while back. I think they said, “many people in India use their  neti pots as a daily regimen. You know like we brush our teeth everyday.”  In my history I have had good results from combining my studies of eastern medicine with western. So, this was all I needed to give it a try. Dutifully for months I used my pot every day and some time six times a day If I felt my sinuses start to get inflamed, congested etc. I would immediately neti.  I can say that it has been almost a year since I have had a sinus infection!  Hallelujah!  I prayed long and hard for answers to my chronic infections and I believe the Lord lead me to this wonderful tool.  My whole family has their own pots and they use them to take care of their nasal area. The Neti pot can be so helpful during high pollen season to clean out the nasal passages. It can feel so soothing too.  Don’t get me wrong if you have a sinus infection it WILL burn.  However, I always say “No pain, no gain”. After using my pot for over 6 months I found I was MISSING a very important ingredient.

PLEASE READ- ADD 1/4tsp BAKING SODA to your sterile water along with about 1/4 tsp of non-idozed sea salt.   For months it really burned while my nasal passage was healing, but after I heard about the importance of baking soda I tried it out.  What I found is that if you do not have a sinus infection it should NOT burn if you use baking soda. Always boil your water and it allow it to cool or use sterilized water or bottled water.

Every once in a while I get slight heat if I am inflamed, but it goes away really quickly.  I also would like to note that I found out why fruit, grains and food like potatoes were causing sinus infections. It turned out I had a problem with candida and other internal body fungus.  Fungus likes sugar and starches. They thrive on it. If you use antibiotics to treat sinus infections, you may want to try using Dyflucan. A family member had a stubborn infection that antibiotic would not cure that went on for over a month. I advised him to try dyflucan and although his doctor had never heard of the fungus/sinus infection connection he gave him a prescription. Within 3 days his infection was gone!

A Holistic Support Approach:

When you get a sinus infection it is a sign of inflammation in your nasal passages. Remember when you start feeling any kind of stuffy nose to use your pot immediately or your passages will get so inflamed that the mucous will get trapped in your nasal passage and trap bacteria causing an infection.

So, keep your nasal passages clear.
I SUPPORT SINUS WELLNESS by adding Tea Tree Essential Oil to my neti pot when I am clearing out my nasal passages.

Thieves Essential Oil is such a great support for many body systems it is my go to oil to boost immunity. I also increase my vitamin-C dose to a minimum of 2,000 mg a day, which aids in building a strong immune system. If there is head discomfort, peppermint oil  is so soothing rubbed across the top of the forehead, on the back of the neck and on the temples.

Essential oils are a part of my EVERY day lifestyle you can ORDER some for yourself or you can learn more on my Health Page


-E.Sara (Yl Member #1397687)

Remember this is only my personal testimony, I am not a doctor. ALWAYS talk to your doctor before proceeding with trying new regimens or proceed at your own risk.

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