As of January this year we have been living the RV life for 19 months. We have learned so many valuable lessons along the way. Last year we saw the hand of Yahweh, as if it were, right in front of us.  We experienced unconventional ways of provision so much that the heavens may as well have rained down manna upon us, because in our eyes it was just as amazing.  These great provisions did not come by our might, nor by our will or by our wishful thinking. No, these blessings came because we let go of the steering wheel of life and asked our Elohim or God YHWH to drive.

This is just around the bend from the 100 acres Yahweh lead us to buy.

This is just around the bend from the 100 acres Yahweh lead us to buy.

Many of us choose not to let go of the steering wheel of life. We hold on tight with white knuckles and continue forging into areas that we were never supposed to venture into, only to end up at dead ends or worse dangerous neighborhoods!  We end up burned out, unsatisfied, and hopelessly yearning for something that will satisfy.  We come to the end of ourselves and ask the age old question, “There has to be something more, right?”

We have been guilty of all the above at some time or another.  Although we are a family that seeks to serve our creator with all of our beings we still have given in to selfishness, delusional thinking, and yes, sometimes rebellion.   At the end of the day we really want to stay on the path Messiah has for us.

When we had our home we perpetually questioned ourselves about being on track. We constantly had that nagging feeling that we were possibly missing some of Yahweh’s great blessings for us.  We were living consumer debt free, but we had a second mortgage out on our home for a remodel that we were never able to pay off in seven years of having it, although we were making a very nice income. All of the over-time income my husband made seemed to make wings and fly away.  To make matters worse my husband actually felt that he been lead in prayer to get out of debt before we ever bought our second home, which we did, only to take a second mortgage out that we thought we could pay off quickly.   After realizing the weight of our decision could be robbing us of a blessing we sold our home and severely edited our life. We repented for our disobedience, we shrunk down our belongings drastically and we began to focus on what really mattered to us, being obedient to our creator. This propelled us into our RV living adventure and we haven’t looked back.  The lessons have been many and the blessings have been more than we could have ever imagined.


Are you still trying to call the shots in your life?  Are you frustrated? Are you questioning if you are living with God’s best for your life? Does your New Year’s resolution seem more concerned with things that only have material and physical value?  Do you consider yourself a believer, yet you refuse to allow your Messiah to guide you to the destination He has ordained for you?  Holding on and not letting go of the “Wheel of life” might take you off the beaten path and leave you in a place that will leave you saying, “Where are you Lord?”  His response might just be, “You are at the destination you were aiming for not the destination of my leading.”

As believers in Jesus/Yeshua we can have the “Quantity of God, yet be lacking the quality of God.” This means we are saved by grace, but because we refuse to submit every area of life to Christ we lead a life of frustration and resistance, lacking a quality vibrant life.


Let this year be really NEW and Joyful, not just “happy”.

Put on a NEW way of thinking, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Yeshua.” Phil 2:5

We must choose to submit our mind and desires to God. We must choose to obey. You will know when you are disobeying because you will constantly be questioning yourself. There will be no peace and no rest.  Little voices will sneak in and try to convince you that you are on the right track and you may believe them, but deep inside in your inner being you will be unsettled.

I suggest quieting yourself in prayer and really learning to listen to that still small voice that guides, which is the Spirit at work to counsel and lead.

Ask Yeshua:

Search my heart God and show me my blind spots. Show me the areas lacking in my life that only you can see. Open my eyes that I may repent and TURN from my own ways and learn to lean upon you and your ways.

Creator help me to honor you with all of my ways. Teach me to reverence you and to seek you daily.

Help me to be an example of your love and grace to my family and to all those around me. In Your Name Yeshua Amen


What are some of your spiritual New Year’s Resolutions so that I may agree with you in prayer?

-E. Sara

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