For those of you who are new to our site I thought I should share a little about our history with food.  We are a family of eight and each of us except for the baby have food intolerances and food allergies.  There are plenty of days that can be overwhelming when I am dealing with my own issues, but add to that the necessity to take care of hungry little mouths that can become ill from eating certain foods or certain food combinations.

I have been studying natural medicine since I first got sick shortly after my 4th daughter was born in 2003.  I was one sick individual for a long time.  I used to get hives from my head to my toes and have migraines all the time.  I also used to have joint and bone pain.    Fast forward 10 years and I can happily say have been able to either control or completely eradicate many of my systems.  Some of the symptoms my kids have are eye lid infections, chest pains, growth issues, belly troubles just to name a few.   I will post more on this subject soon. I have a hungry house to go feed. Ta ta for now!

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