IMG_20160523_231036 My son is 15 and boy is he talented in so many things.However, he has been so busy learning how to be a “fix-it man” from his dad and studying to be a pilot that his time has been limited in the kitchen.
However,  he jumped on the opportunity to make breakfast this morning while I went to town.

I left him some loose directions. His creation was different from my plan, but it didn’t matter because everyone enjoyed it so much. He used a food processor to expedite the recipe.

He prepped his fruit by washing it all and coring the pears.

He pureed 2 pears by accident. Funny, but  it really added to the porridge consistency.




Grain-Free Porridge

Raw-Vegan-Grain Free

Combine all in a large bowl
Serves 5 cups total approximately

1 Cup Raw soaked almonds pulsed in processor until chopped. Remove.
4 Pears pulsed and chopped. Remove
2 Pears pureed in processor. Remove.
Hand dice 3 bananas
1/3 cup Shredded coconut
1 tsp Cinnamon

Optional to make it over the top yummy

4 Drops Young Living Ginger Vitality Essential Oil
2 Drops Young Living Nutmeg Vitality Essential Oil

Pinch salt

Combine and serve with your favorite milk or yogurt. We used icy cold fresh goat milk.
Optional: drizzle with honey, maple syrup or agave.


Sister loved his creation. Grain-Free Breakfast porridge.

Sister enjoyed this Grain-free porridge.


What are your favorite ingredients for porridge or granola?

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