Bell Pepper Tacos: Grain-Free with Paleo and Vegan Possibilities!

Tacos are comfort food and typically they are served on a corn tortilla, which means they are not Paleo legal. In other words could they be off the list for newbies to grain-free eating. However, I have some good news! You can enjoy a taco in a jiffy with these BELL PEPPER TACO CUPS.
The Taco Cups are a listed selection on the 21 Day Challenge Weekly Menu and they are so easy to make!
Basically, do all that you would to make regular tacos, except put all of the taco filling into a CRUNCHY FRESH bell pepper! That is it!
I crave these because I love the crunch! 
To make these  TACOS: I browned 3 lbs of grass-fed ground beef with diced onions and seasoned it with my own taco mix, plus cumin, salt/pepper, and garlic.
I topped them with guacamole, olives, sour cream and I drizzled with Habanero sauce.
To make these vegan you could sub with firm lentils for the meat and use a vegan cheese.
To make them fully paleo omit the dairy and top with just guacamole and salsa.
Super Simple and oh so tasty!
What has been the hardest foods to give up and have you found a new way to enjoy old favorites?

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