IMG_20151018_110204155I have been chomping at the bit to write this blog post on my Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Expo Review. October’s conference was held in grand ole Dallas, Tx. I am just ending a month long vacation and this is my first opportunity to write. This is the second expo that we have been invited to cover and I have to admit it, I think I am addicted to the experience. There is always a certain thrill that accompanies each event. There is a certain curiosity to see and taste new products. I also appreciate the informative lectures and demos. Each conference showcases products that seem to outshine others. Of course I realize personal preference will dictate those favorites. So make sure to view my GFAF Expo favorites posted later this week.  This post will give a peak at vendor and the event highlights.



Abundant Love Cake Mixes- If you need a quick and simple cake mix. These mixes produce a sweet cake with a taste I am sure kids will love.

Ener G Bread samples

Ener G select Gluten Free Breads- Tangy Sourdough, Cinnamon Raisin, Northwest Banana. Banana had the best texture and would make a nice PB & J sandwich.


Aleias- Cookies: When you have a cookie craving…

Whole Note GF mixes

Whole Note Gluten Free Mixes- Get these mixes now

paleo folks cookie mix

Paleo Folks Cookie Mix- A chewier type cookie. Not overly sweet. A nice mid-day snack.


Very informative lectures. I will write more info on this lecture in a future post.


Go Raw has a nice line of on the go snacks. Nutritious and crunchy.


Go Raw- Watermelon Seeds! Really. Who knew? Another crunchy snack alternative.


Pie in the Sky- Pick these up next time you are at Natural Grocers. Creamy Cheesecakes!



Bliss Bites- Were well… BLISSFUL! A treat you can feel good about eating. So stock up!

freedom foods cereal

Australian based Freedom Foods- When you need an allergen free cereal grab a box of Freedom Foods Cereal. They have a good crunch and the selection we tried stayed crunchy in milk.


Hail Merry

Hail Merry Vegan Snacks- Are always a personal favorite of mine. I stock up when they are on sale and I enjoy them constantly.

Garden Lites- Pick these up at HEB. These have a bit of a chew and they taste more wholesome than a standard grocery store baked good.

Garden Lites- Pick these up at HEB. These have a bit of a chew and they taste more wholesome than a standard grocery store baked good.


Check out Hannah’s Gluten Free Bakery if you are in the Dallas area. If you are in the mood for a sweet treat that is Gluten Free you will probably leave content.


Three Bakers Gluten Free Bread– I made myself a nice little grilled PB & J sandwich with this bread. It had a softer texture than some gluten free bread, which is always appreciated.


We love being Food Bloggers. Clinton will be writing his own personal review this week and I will be posting our show favorites later in the week.  Did you go to the conference? What were your favorite products?  If you have not been to an Expo you are missing out!

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