Photo from RV Window one glorious sunny day.

Another week has come and gone for this Foodie Crew and how else would we end it other than by the gathering of family, friends, food, and a great church service.

Mr. Foodie and I ended our marathon weekend with one of our favorite ways to take a break, in our jacuzzi tub watching a Foodie/World Culture documentary.   It is fascinating to us how people go day to day totally unaware that their purchases affect the nation and world at large.   People say they want change, but they are not willing to change their spending habits to support their position.

We as a nation vote with our dollar daily.  If we can not stand behind what believe with our dollar than we are not only powerless for the change we want to see, but it is much worse, by our own spending we can propel our nation into a deeper pit that we are so eager to escape from.




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