How do you spell love in Foodie language? “C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E”

Today I stopped by the Farmer’s Market to pick up some organic eats. A dear Foodie Friend, who is also a Chef, left a goody bag for me with one of the vendors.


Marou Faiseurs De Chocolat- This was what I would expect from a quality dark chocolate bar it was not powdery and had a nice deep chocolate flavor with a tiny bit of earthiness.




Amedei Tuscany- I really enjoyed this bar. I find that when chocolate has bits of fruit and nuts I tend to want it like a snack, which means I could eat the whole bar in a sitting if I wasn’t totally conscious of my munching.

Everyone knows moving is a stressful event, but throw in six children and a relocation in the mix and things get even more stressful.

I have been eating dark chocolate every day to “cope” with the stress, well that and prayer of course.


Dandelion Chocolate 70% there were two varieties. My favorite was the Ambanja, Madagascar. This bar really made my day it was fruity, with a bit of acidity that kept my tongue at attention. It was extremely smooth and flavorful

 Today I found myself facing my son telling him, after earlier deciding I was not going to eat chocolate,
“Son this is not the day, to not  eat chocolate.” Boy, was I glad I changed my mind.


These are Anne’s fine chocolates

My friend Anne and I share a love of fine cuisine. We are Foodies and we are professional bakers and she is a Chef and Chocolatier



Anne and her little morsel of cuteness.



At Anne’s Baby Shower. Anne and her gals 🙂


Our family made her baby shower cake and it was so much fun to make for her. It was actually our first ever 3 tier cake and the first time doing roses and only our 3rd fondant cake we ever made.


The two Pasrty Chef’s

Thank you Anne!

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