If you have a busy lifestyle and you feel stuck in a rut when it comes to your daily eating plans, then you NEED to try meal prepping. You might think you don’t have time meal plan, but you really can not afford not to.  Meal planning not only saves time in the BIG picture it also saves money. If your refrigerator is out of control and food keeps going bad, FOOD PREP-DAY is the answer to decluttering your culinary life!

If you have a large family like I do making big pots of beans and legumes can be portioned to eat throughout the week. You can boil two chickens at a time if you have a big enough pot and add a ton of veggies to it for flavor. You then have fresh chicken broth to use towards recipes, you can shred a chicken for tacos and other recipes and keep one chicken to shred and put back into your chicken stew! You could also add noodles etc. to bulk up your soup later in the week!

What are your favorite ways to meal plan?

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