Localvore Groceries (Yes that is one of our refrigerators dedicated to fresh fruit and veggies)

I LOVE fruit! Of course we prefer to source our fruit from local organic farmers, but when we they can not supply it for us we shop for deals within a local drive.

Did you know that fruit is best eaten on an EMPTY stomach, this means eating it the first thing in the morning either 20 minutes before breakfast or having it for breakfast will provide you with immediate nutrient absorption and be digested quickly.

You should never eat fruit with a meal and having it for dessert is a no no too.  Protein and carbs digest at a different pace than fruit which causes fermentation and stagnation for the digestion process.  Many gastrointestinal problems can be avoided by consuming food according to the Food Combining Theory.

My kids wake up ready to eat. What about your kids?  If they do have them eat fruit upon waking and before breakfast. In doing so they will get a quick absorbency of nutrients to start their day.  After 20 to 30 minutes I give them their breakfast and then wait another 2 hours (If they haven’t had meat protein in which case you would wait more like 3-4 hours) and given them a mid morning snack of fruit and nuts.  After lunch you may want to hold off on the fruit if you are eating heavy meals.   You wouldn’t want the fruit to sit in their bellies for longer than 20 minutes because the nutrients are not immediately absorbed because the digestion process going on with the other food groups.   If your kids ever get belly aches ask yourself, “Did I break the food combining rules?” If so you may have your answer to what is ailing your little.


This is an approximation of the ORGANIC fruit we bought this week some straight from farmer’s and some from the store. What is your favorite fruit?  Mine is WATERMELON! I can live on a watermelon. Ok maybe that wouldn’t be the healthiest thing, but I really like them! -E.Sara

30lbs of Watermelon

35lbs Grapefruit

38lbs of Oranges

1 Pineapple

6lbs Grapes

4lbs Strawberries

1  Melon

3lbs of Kiwis

12oz Raspberries



3lbs Green Apples

4lb Sweet Apples


8lb frozen Mangos

3lbs blueberries


Update-April 2016 Our family followed strict food combining for many, many, months while we were food ill.  This was written in 2013.  We still start the day with fruit for easier assimilation, but I do not worry about combining their fruit with other food groups later in the day. I can say that utilizing food combining really worked well for our household and for expedited gut healing.  If you are suffering from stomach pain or digestion issues I highly recommend food combining.

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