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If you are new to our blog, I would like to share a little bit about our family.  We are a family of eight and for the past year there was a steady decline of every family member coming up with some sort of food intolerance or allergy.  I suffered with food intolerance and food allergy issues since 2003.  My symptoms began after my 3rd child was born.  Actually they started when I was a little girl when I look back in retrospect. However my severe symptoms that were shouting out began shortly after my precious second daughter was born.


This was shortly before I started getting sick 2003

My symptoms went from bad to worse within a matter of months.  I was waking every morning with headaches so severe they would send me running to hug the porcelain throne.  I was experiencing arthritic types of pain in my joints and I had shooting pain from my elbow to my hand.  I was breaking out regularly in hives from my head to my feet.  I vividly remember attending a women’s conference with a group of ladies from my church.  We drove about 7 hours to the conference and I was sick the whole time. I felt like a real burden.  When it was time to get into the spa with the gals, they all looked concerned that my hives might be contagious.  Perfumes that I wore previously were now also causing hives on my skin and I could no longer tolerate scented candles of any sort.  I was a mess!

After going to specialist, after specialist, only to hear, “you’re fine”, I became frustrated!  I went to a well known allergist in a nearby city and they did a skin prick test on me and told me I may be having a problems with wheat. However, they did not talk to me about gluten and as a matter of fact they told me to stay away from brown wheat, and eat only white wheat, and take some pills.  I followed their advice and I was still getting symptoms. Finally, after self research I found out about food intolerances and gluten allergy.  This was the beginning of a very long journey into a world that was completely new for me.

This is a lengthy story so I will write it in parts. I hope you will check back for Part 2

What is your food story?



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