The women at Dia Delights were so warm and genuine I just had to taste their gluten free baked goods. They were so good to give us some full size cupcakes and goodies to try out. Before I review the product let me tell you a little about Dia Delights .

I have to say the first thing to catch my eye was the very appealing raspberry color on the chocolate brown cupcakes. It was a great color combo.  Dia Deilghts prides themselves on using quality organic ingredients and they told me they do not use artificial food coloring.

Review: If you areDia looking for a new cupcake experience this is the cupcake for you. The flavor was not text book and the cupcake base leaned much towards an earthy flavor with a denser but moist texture.  The frosting was surprisingly sweet and I am assuming it was a powdered sugar glaze with the addition of a pureed berry by the taste of it.  Since, the base wasn’t too sweet it was able to take the extra sweetness of the frosting.  Our whole family taste tested them and the general consensus was that they tasted like a healthy cupcake, minus the frosting which was a bit sugary tasting.

Some people like a familiar cupcake and some people would just like a healthy, satisfy your sweet tooth, treat.  If the latter describes you I think you are going to enjoy this cupcake.  Years before I started my own Gluten Free bakery I always baked treats for myself that “tasted healthy.”

Now I bake decadent to mildly sweet depending on the occasion. So, I guess you can say I have a wide range palate when it comes to desserts.  I would say Dia Delights cupcakes are a good everyday cupcake.

What do I mean by that?  I mean these would be nice to have on hand to have as sweet treat throughout the day.  I personally enjoyed the whole grain flavor.  The coconut frosted cupcake really tasted high in coconut oil content and was firm when I ate it, but I realize they traveled home with me, which means that the consistency may have changed from a fresh cupcake.  However, I didn’t mind because I felt like I was getting a good dose of medium chain fatty acids.  It was the kind of cupcake that would go great with a glass of non-dairy milk. I could even see having it with a morning tea.  I froze one for later and when I defrosted it I microwaved it for 15 seconds and it was nice and moist.

Cookie Review: The little Foodies and Mr. Foodie really enjoyed the chewy oatmeal cookie. They thought flavor was balanced with the right amount of chew.  My favorite was the double chocolate chip cookie.  It had a strong coconut undertone with a consistency that I enjoyed. I just wanted to dunk it in some dairy free milk.

While checking out what others had to say about Dia, I found this comment by a past customer.


(Photo: Coconut Frosted cupcake, Oatmeal Cookie and Double Chocolate Cookie)

“Dia Delights offers a variety of healthy pastries with out the guilt.”

Dia Delights has a loyal customer base perhaps it is because they are providing a new flavor of cupcake and I am not talking just frosting.  With a plethora of junk food choices widely available Dia Delights is offering baked goods you can eat and feel good about.

You can Order HERE if you are not near their location.


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  1. Dia Delights February 25, 2013 at 8:19 pm - Reply

    Hi Foodies,

    thanks a lot for the great review.
    We wanted to give you an update about what is happening with us right now. We have just introduced a new line where we use coconut palm sugar. You can find it in our banana bread, ginger bread, pumpkin bread, peach bread as well as in the chocolate raspberry cupcakes you so much liked:). We also have a delicious vegan cream cheese frosting with the coconut palm sugar. It metabolizes better and we hope to meet the demand of our customers who kept asking for it. We are currently using etsy to sell online and the name of our shop is DiaDelightsGF: We LOVE feedback so that we can continue to grow and improve. We look forward to more comments. Yours in health, Dia Delights Team

  2. foodiefam February 28, 2013 at 1:37 pm - Reply

    Dia Delights,

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated! I hope the other items we reviewed keep us updated too on their expansions and new offerings. Sugar Free is GREAT and it is my preferred way to bake. Palm sugar is a great sugar replacement. Best Wishes~ E. Sara and the Foodie Crew

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