broccoliI had an overflow of broccoli that was going to go bad if we did not eat it.  I decided to make a Broccoli (non-dairy) cream soup.  The night before I had some chicken that I decided to marinate. I thought it might be a nice addition for my husband who requires meat in any type of cream base soup I make or he will not consider it a “real” meal.

As I was loading up my pressure cooker my kids were not looking thrilled at the prospects of this soup for dinner. It has been some time since I made a broccoli cream soup.  I adore properly made Cream of Broccoli soup.  When I was a young adult and single I use to frequent a restaurant and order a yummy bowl and pair it with a butter croissant.   I still remember that comforting union.  I would get so excited to see it coming to my table and this was the opportunity for me to share the delight with my children, but they were not looking to enthused. They seem to prefer raw broccoli over cooked for some reason.   I am a broccoli LOVER and I announced very clearly, “If you are my child you LOVE broccoli.”    They were not exactly buying it.  I set out to impress them with a creamy, flavorful, homey bowl of soup.

The outcome? A baby who had 4 bowls and my skeptic daughter who sat and nursed as if it was piece of her favorite chocolate flourless cake. She savored every bite.   My husband who is not crazy about cream soup came home late and ate his soup cold and said, “It was really good even cold.”

Of course I sat there wishing I wrote down approximations. You know how that goes…

It was a very simple recipe and I think I have the bases down to do a repeat.  Here are the ingredients for your inspiration.  I used a pressure cooker, but you could bring your soup to a boil and then cover it and let is simmer until your broccoli is tender.  The stock is everything here for flavor, so do not skimp.  You could make this vegan by using vegetable stock and omitting the chicken.

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Dairy Free- Primal- Vegan Possibilities
Approximate measurements

4 Large Broccoli Crowns
1 Vidallia onion Chopped
1 Carrot top and tailed
6 cups Beef Stock (I used some stock from a beef roast I pressure cooked the day before)
Salt & Pepper


In a pressure cooker-
Heat 2 tsp of olive oil add chopped onions and cook onions until are translucent. Next add the rest of the ingredients above. Add enough water to cover the broccoli about 2 inches.  Follow pressure cooker instructions and cook for 3 minutes after the pressure builds up.    Remove about 2 cups of soup along with the carrot and put the contents into a blender and blend until creamy. Add this back into the soup.

While that is cooking start the cashew cream.
2 cups of water
1/2 cup Cashews
1/16 tsp Salt

Blend all ingredients. I have a Vitamix which pulvarizes the cashews into liquid.  Add this to the soup pot. Turn the heat on HIGH and boil the soup to thicken the cashew cream.

2 lbs Marinated Chicken Breast (1 whole lemon, Kirkland brand No Salt seasoning, 1/8-1/4 cup of olive oil, salt & Pepper)
Marinate overnight in a gallon baggie

In a separate pan:Brown cubed chicken breast. Next add it to the soup.  Taste the soup and make sure you have enough salt and pepper to taste before serving.  I topped ours with Daiya Cheese which melts beautifully.

Serve soup with your favorite “buttered bread” or even better a croissant which was my favorite way to eat this back in the day!

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