Clean eating  Tuna Taco

Smoked Tuna Salad Tacos served with a side of Rosemary & Olive oil Sea Salt Potato Chips

Today I was late in the game with planning lunch. To top it off, our food selection of meat and vegetables is scarce because we are going to go shopping in a couple of days.  So, I was scanning my pantry and found some Smoked Canned Tuna my friend gave me from her commercial fishing business. I went on a hunt to find a recipe for inspiration to make some tuna patties. While searching I found this recipe for Spicy Tuna Fish Cakes. I decided this was a good recipe for inspiration.

I opened up the quart jar of smoked tuna chunks and it was so smoky and flavorful all on its own. I added some dill and fresh cilantro and a chopped onion. I added some salt and I mixed it up to allow it to speak to me, when  all of a sudden it “told me” it wanted to be a smoked tuna salad instead.  At this point there was a change in plan and frying up this delicious fresh canned tuna seemed like a disservice to it.  I remembered I had about 8 oz of leftover tuna salad from yesterday that was prepared with store-bought tuna canned in olive oil and sea salt.  I hesitated whether to add it to my smoked tuna mix, but I had a hungry bunch. So,  I went against the momentary red flag and combined it together. The fresh canned tuna was so flavorful it covered over the other tuna mix and married well. I was pleased.

It was so flavorful I did not need to add oil or vinegar to the salad. I wanted to keep it really fresh and smoky tasting.  As I was making the salad I decided to make Smoked Tuna Fish Salad tacos on a Udis Gluten Free Tortillas.  This was my first time trying the tortillas and I was very pleased with the texture while they were hot they were pliable and chewy.

I pan warmed the tortillas with a little olive oil. For the spread I made an extra flavorful Dill & Parsley, garlic Mayo.  The combination with the tacos was a flavor explosion. I added some extra toppings that made these tacos creamy , flavorful and mouth-watering good. I just wish I took a picture with all the fixings we added.

clean eating tuna tacoIngredients used:

1 quart Smoked Tuna
Fresh Cilantro
Leftover Tuna Salad
Good Quality canned tuna
Oil& Balsamic Vinegar

Duck Egg Mayo
2 duck eggs
2 cups Extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
salt to taste
red wine vinegar
balsamic vinegar


Shredded Goat Cheddar
Goat Yogurt

On the side:

Rosemary & Olive oil Sea Salt potato chips


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