If you are ever in Marfa you MUST check out the Chinati Foundation. We have been twice and although we have only seen a limited amount of exhibits. We are hooked! The first weekend we relocated to Texas we arrived in Marfa just in time to celebrate Chinati Weekend which was great because there was no fee to get in and with a family of nine that was a bonus.

As we walked to each exhibit we talked about how everything was so captivating to the eye. We understood why people from around the country flock here.

Just recently we attended their Community day and it did not disappoint! Not only was it a treat enough to see the art again, but they served up a dinner “on the house.”  It was a pleasant surprise, but what we really enjoyed that afternoon was the Mariachi that came to each area to serenade the attendees. It was a collaboration of a feast for all the senses!

Yes we take up quite a bit of space.

Brisket and you know the rest.

There was a great turnout.

I am wondering if we broke some unspoken rule because we were the only people who

danced to a song,  but I just couldn’t help it my Latina roots were calling.

This building houses a gallery of precision and excellence.

This was a whopper horse shoe!  The next adventure we plan to take is an all day guided tour and I am looking forward to it!

Have you been to Chinati? What did you think?

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