One of my biggest concerns before we started our Full Time RV lifestyle was feeding our family of eight and soon to be nine. I am happy to report that all is well. We are still eating organic, fresh when we can and we even juice.  We just plug in our juicer outdoors on an outdoor table and the kids can help themselves.

This morning we started off juicing green apples and for a late breakfast I paired Brussels Sprouts with nicely salted/peppered Red Potatoes with a side Organic Free Range eggs (sorry commercial free range eggs do not meet the standard for this dish). Nothing beats a deep yellow yolk of a local free range egg. The yolks are so rich and delicious. I like to purchase them from the Farmer’s Market.Full Time RV Blog feeding family

This was my first time serving Brussels for breakfast. It just seemed like a good match and boy was I right. Everyone loved the breakfast. I never boil my sprouts, they are always pan steamed and tossed in olive oil and then I throw in some onions and let them caramelize with the sprouts. Delicious!






Brussel Sprouts for Breakfast. Give it a try!


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