Our Compelled Lifestyle

We are a compelled family with a cause, a mission and a destination.

Before we share our thoughts on “The Cause,” let us first clear the way a little. We like to use the analogy of a ship to convey how this Compelled family operates.

 A healthy family is made up of committed individuals or a “crew.”
 Each individual crew member is an integral part in the voyage of the “ship.”

Taking the analogy a little further, a family can be made up of a “single ship” with everyone on board or it can be made up of multiple “vessels” headed to different destinations.

We will not comment on the multiple “vessel” family analogy. However, we will comment on how our household functions.

In our home we have a single ship mentality.  As a family we all know the destination port and we are all on the same ship.  We work as shipmates running this great vessel.  We have purpose, we have vision, we have resolve and we support one another. We work as a family, we play as a family, we study as a family, and we share the same passions as a family.  We are even learning to play instruments as a family.

There is no coercion here, only relationship and ownership.   Each member is happy to be heading to the same destination, so they stay on the family ship. They are not looking to jump on to other passing ships, because their cause and resolve is to lead a life of purpose. So, while our children are under our care they find fulfillment in the voyage. Of course, one day they will be adults and it will be time for them to depart from our port ready to chart their own family’s voyage. When they do embark on their voyage, they will take up ownership of “The Cause” and hopefully live it out with their family crew.

In brief, this Compelled Family has jointly agreed on our “Cause.”

 This is “The Cause” in our own words…

 “Live for a CAUSE
not applause.

Localize not


Educate to Liberate.”





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