Taken from a journal entry from last month:

My oldest daughter just went to sleep, but before turning in for the night she said, “Mama why do I feel so excited?”

That is a great question! I know what she means!
I have to tell you we had a really rough week. Typically my husband and I balance each other out with pumping up faith. However, my pregnancy hormones are in full effect!  So, I wasn’t able to be a voice of faith for him this past week, BUT I repented and JOY, PEACE and HOPE have replaced any doubt. Yes, I agree with my daughter I am really excited because we have seen the hand of the Lord over and over again to sustain us.

By His is gracious hand we have been able to live without great limitation. We know IF it wasn’t for His constant grace and favor over our lives we most certainly would be very very limited with our lifestyle. We work so hard and He supplies according to HIS riches and glory, HIS RICHES and GLORY and He is our abba (daddy). What good father doesn’t give his children gifts? We are constantly being showered with His riches and glory and with that fact I will stand in faith. I will not look at the circumstances and I will concentrate on the fact that my abba has the ability to supply our every need. Amen. Thanks so to my friends who have been so patient with me this week and have been so good to pray and give me words of encouragement to get me back on track. I don’t go down that doubt road often, but I am human and I strayed, but I am back on track y’all and it feels great! I pray that if you are in rough spot this post will minister to your heart.

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