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Hi my name is EmmaSara and I am a Health & Lifestyle Coach, who happens to also be a professional Gluten-Free Whole Foods Chef.  If you are stopping by our page for the first time I would like to WELCOME you! Our site is currently under construction. This site has been up for some time under Foodies With a Cause. We just recently changed the site to Compelled Life. We are in the middle of a MAJOR overhaul. Over the next months we plan to continually revamp the site weekly.

We are going to create easier pathways to help you navigate the site to get YOU right where you would like to go. We are re-categorizing old posts and updating our Page Tabs.

If you are stopping in from the 21 Day Challenge that we just hosted, we hope that you will shift over to our Compelled Life page. We hope it will become a NEW hub that you can plug into weekly for inspiration, recipes and health & lifestyle education.  We know YOU worked hard to finish the challenge. We would like to keep that momentum going! Some of you had to stop the challenge because personal reasons, but you expressed your desire to get back on the journey. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to get back in the Game! 

It is my heartfelt hope that y’all will come on over and stay a long while. Heck, I hope you stay for the duration of your lifestyle journey!

I am hoping for this blog page to have LIFE! This is where YOU come in.  I have had such great dialog on social media over the years and so much interaction.  It has been a harder situation to produce dialogue here on the blog.  I am asking those of you who are transferring here to, “Please NOT BE SHY and leave your comments and questions on THIS page on the comment lines.”  

Why am I asking this?  I would really like this to be a dynamic place where there is LIFE!  In order for there to be life there needs to be relationship. In order for there to be RELATIONSHIP there NEEDS to be DIALOGUE! So are you in? Are you going to be contributor and dialogue as a friend or just sit and hang like fly on the wall and stay silent?  The choice is obviously yours and I respect whatever your decision is.  Just remember “You have to be the change YOU want to see!” If it is too quite here I may assume there is no interest and sow my time else where that is producing visible fruit.

class 5-1-2016

It was such a great group! We laughed, we shed some tears, we pressed on!

The fishing line is being cast out today, here and now!  I am going to cast the line right now by asking some questions and I am hoping to catch an abundance of feedback.  I have seven children and we are just about to start building on a barren 100 acre property.  Spare time could get sparse around here, but if I know I have your hearts in this journey I/we will sacrifice some of our time for you all. We will make time to do videos, to write blog posts, to keep the site upto date, and keep our Facebook page going.

Our Facebook page, Compelled Vibrant & Oily, will provide a spot for daily encouragement. It will be a place to share and glean a plethora of health information.  I would love it if you all felt comfortable to leave your feedback there too as well and share links and daily insight for the group.   you are local and would like to attend a day conference. Please lI would mean a lot it if you could write (COPY & PASTE if  you did it on event page) your final thoughts on the challenge for others to be encouraged below this post. Once again thanks for ALL the feedback you have given thus far! Let’s stay connected and stay encouraged! -EmmaSara

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