Today is a day I will not soon forget…
Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls some days and home runs the next!

In October 2014 shortly after relocating to Texas I felt 2 lumps in my right breast. I watched them carefully over 8 or 9 months. I finally decided to get an ultrasound on them and the report came back showing that each lump was different in substance. They didn’t think they appeared to be cancerous. Of course this was of great relief to me and my family.
More months went by and I had a baby and I noticed that not long after that one of the lumps disappeared! However, one remained. My doctor suggested doing a mammogram, but I am not pro-mammograms, especially while nursing.
A total of a year and three months came and went. I can say that I have tried not been fearful, but it in all honesty there was always a little bit of that nagging feeling of “I hope they are right.”

Just a month ago a Facebook friend went to the doctor to get a routine “benign” breast cyst removal. It turned out to be cancer! She noticed the lump a year ago, but she was told it was not a problem. Thankfully she decided to get the issue resolved by getting it removed “just in case,” I presume.
This really was a catalyst that got me thinking about my lump.

I avoided surgery this entire time because my younger brother almost died during a surgery in 2010 from an allergic reaction to the anesthesia he received during a surgery. It is very rare and heridtary.

I really did not want to move or not out of fear, but at some point prudence equals prevention.

Since, I am definitely a prevention gal I decided it was time to get it removed. A week before I scheduled my surgery I requested a Hormone test panel because I was trying to connect the dots to see if I could come up with a cause. I eat really clean and I searched my heart to make sure there was no spiritual link. Finally, I decided it could be a hormonal imbalance that caused them.

13062176_936663276447074_2220639940503236209_nThis lead me to take the hormone test because I felt if it came back positive this could be indicative of my issue. I then could try and correct the imbalance and prevent future lumps from growing back.
The day of my surgery I asked about my results and I was advised that my hormone levels were normal. As usual I asked for a hard copy of the results and then took a look at them later when I got home.

I was SHOCKED to see that it seemed very clear to me that my progesterone was extremely low and my estrogen level was very high! This would be indicative of Estrogen Dominance which can in fact lead to breast cysts and lumps etc, including the development of cancer!

Anyhow, I know some of you have been waiting all day to hear the report. I am sorry I am just now sitting down after a very long day to be able to write. We had an appointment on our property with an electric man right after my appointment and there is no reception on our property. So, I had to wait to share the results that are indeed in!
I am happy and relieved to report that there was no cancer showing on the test! Thank you Father in Heaven and thank you for all the prayers!


Picture I posted on Facebook during the visit: “At the doctor’s office waiting for my follow-up post surgery. A peak in my purse…I am perpetually studying! ‪#‎CompelledLife‬ style ‪#‎LiveAboveTheWellnessLine‬ ‪#‎EducatetoLiberate‬ !

I addressed my findings on the hormone test with my doctor and we looked at the results TOGETHER. I was indeed CORRECT. I made mention that I special ordered the results as a form of prevention, so that I could correct any hormonal imbalances to prevent lumps from reforming. I am not sure exactly what happened or why this was overlooked. I am not ranting because actually I am glad to have doctors that will work with my integrative health approach and lifestyle. I did not fret over the situation. They assured me they thought I would take the appropriate action in correcting my hormonal imbalance, since they know I do not do pharmaceuticals. I left feeling good that I had a nice relationship with them, but I was so thankful that I am a detail person and that I take FULL accountability for my own health. I also realize that people are human and sometime things can fall through the cracks and mistakes can happen. I gave a lot of grace.
I wanted to share this full story with you so that you could be informed. I also wanted you to hear different scenarios to learn from. The first being a story of a woman who had a test that came back with “normal” findings, only to find out she had cancer. Please PRAY for her Mrs. J. I am so glad she followed that inner voice that told her to get it removed.
I then wanted you to hear of the same situation that had a better outcome, to bring hope. I chose to share my test result situation with you to remind you to always question and ask to see written copies of your test results.
Remember, to actually pay attention to the information on them to see if the diagnosis adds up.

Be INTENTIONAL! Be in Charge of YOUR own HEALTH! Live Above the Wellness Line! – EmmaSara

Have you ever had a misdiagnosis? How did that make you feel?

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