It is time to kiss 2016 GOOD BYE and HELLO to 2017! This means saying GOOD-BYE to:
Bad habits
Poor eating habits
Excess weight
Negative thinking
Poor health
Broken relationship
**Now get ready to say HELLO to:
Eating Healthy
Living Abundantly
Speaking positively
Learning NEW ways to achieve your goals
Build STRONG relationships!
Join our **21 Day Lifestyle & Health Challenge** to find out SECRETS to SUCCESS from a panel of three QUALIFIED instructors
Sabrina Kate is pastry chef and owner of Ambrosia Natural Bakery and Health/Wellness Advocate who is PASSIONATE about sharing her Healthy lifestyle with the masses.
Vanessa Carter is joint owner of Carter Country Farm‘s she is an avid gardner and a spectacular home-chef who BELIEVES in producing good fruit NOT only in the garden, but in her home as well.
EmmaSara is a Motivational Speaker, Professional Whole-foods Chef and owner of Compelled Bakery Gluten Free, she is also a Health & Lifestyle Coach from Compelled Health: Mind-Body-Spirit who has had great success in coaching people to live ABUNDANTLY with visible results!
This event is going to be LIFE CHANGING! JOIN TODAY!

Do you still need more reasons to join? Watch THIS VIDEO
Remember I always say, “If you ALWAYS do the Same thing, YOU will alway get the SAME result.” -EmmaSara


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